Hong Kong belongs to the country of the Republic of China and has become a major tourist preference over the decade. Individuals wishing to witness the splendor of the Chinese civilization must visit this city. The city offers several sights to its visitors, like the avenue of stars, which has an iconic status among most Chinese film stars related to their names. The ladies market is another shopping destination for women who wish to buy the latest trends in clothing at cheap rates. The Hong Kong Disneyland and clock tower are indeed must visits too. The Temple Night market offers several souvenirs and snacks, also get your fortune told by one of the several fortune tellers and enjoy the local operas.
Hong Kong package tours are readily organized by ITO Holidays and can also be checked out at the website of the company. Those wishing to combine Hong Kong tours with other places in China may get their Hong Kong packages customized by the company representative which cater to families or groups of individuals touring across the country. If you wish to do some great shopping and get a glimpse of the traditional Chinese customs, then Hong Kong is a great vacation. So be assured, all of us at ITO Holidays are at your service and will ensure that you return from your holiday with happy memories.

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