Consisting of 7 states, also called ‘The Seven Sisters’, North East India has some real surprises for the travelers. Not so much established on the travelers’ map, yet the North Eastern India has its own charm that will sweep you off your feet. Teetering on the farthest brink of India’s map, the Northeast States are one of Asia’s last great unknowns. Sharing borders with Bhutan, Tibet, Myanmar and Bangladesh, these remote frontiers are a collision zone of tribal cultures, climates, landscapes and people.
A region of rugged beauty, it’s a wonderland where glacial rivers flow through plunging Himalayan gorges, faith moves mountains on perilous pilgrimages to Tawang and Pemako, rhinoceros graze in Kaziranga’s swampy grasslands and former head-hunters are slowly embracing modernity in Nagaland. Explore this yet unexplored land with ITO Holidays North East holiday packages and discover breathtaking beauty. So be assured, all of us at ITO Holidays are at your service and will ensure that you return from your holiday with happy memories.

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